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Project 5.1: Shift to A3

The A4 size is quite limiting, so I’m shiting toi A3 for the moment. To do this I’ve bought some A3 perspex sheets. Although I only really need 1, I thought this allows me to do a few attempts before a full on clean up. I started out using different leaves, but following the concept of the “Balance of Tees” idea.

First I tried to think though composition:


For interest I brought in colour, and used a grey sheet to do the second rub. The ink transfer on the first rub, however, was quite poor and so the second rub really didn’t work.


From here I decided to get a bit more experimental. Is used a multi-colour plate and added found things in (to my mind) an interesting composition:


I took the first rub and cut out holes where I wanted the image coming through…


… and applied that back to the inked up plate.


I quite like the result of that approach for the image that came out:


The last rub with all items removed from the plate is interesting as well…



  • I could spend a long time on this, or seek to cut and run. There is only so much course time worth spending on this if I want to submit on time, but I’ll come back to printing later. Wood cut, engraving/etching and linocut all seem of interest.
  • The acrylic inks I got for colour seem lower quality than the black ink I was using. They need much more pressure and give less definition.
  • The only time I tried damp paper with the acrylic inks it made a right mess. If I want to try that then I need to control more carefully just how damp the paper is, and I suspect choose my paper more carefully.
  • If I think though the composition up front I could use a series of prints, and pre-cut the template for the second wipe.

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