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Project 5.1: Balance of Tees experiment

I decided to try the tees idea out. Chose A4 grey paper. Decided to try two layers and using a stencil. First I thought I’d try using multi-colour tees:

Mostly it made a mess. The paint was to thick, so it ‘bled’ under the stencil. I shifted the tees to black and white and was somewhat more successful.

The lower images didn’t work as well, and no real detail came out. Do I need the paper damp? Aesthetically I’m not keen on the result. I did do a sketch of a ‘full size’ image:

I like the idea, but don’t think I’ll be getting there anytime soon. It would probably also work better as a linocut or similar. This is heading away from the brief, so I’ll park it for now.

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