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Part 5 Development areas

Specifically for these projects:

  • Printing, as this is new to me.
    • Research home printing methods, such as Collographs.
  • Drawing figures in various poses, with and without clothes
  • For Narration: Figure drawing can be really hard. If the figure drawing is causing frustration consider approaching it using other forms. Maybe sheep, or other animals. The idea is to experiment with juxtaposition.
  • Consider creative ways of approaching Life Drawing for practicing figure drawing.
  • Presenting narrative in art

Critical analysis and Contextual approach:

  • Work needs to become more practice lead but critically engaged if moving towards a degree.
  • Begin to interrogate the relationship between your drawing and your carving practices. What is the creative potential?
  • The concept of “Critical Review”, and how that feeds back into my work.
    • Look for artists working today who you feel are relevant to your own aspirations for your practice
    • Keep looking at and analysing art then feeding that back into my own work.
  • Consider looking at, in a critical fashion, more artists work. Try looking at a couple of artists for each piece, with a view to linking their work to what is being done. Possibly look at Sculptors who have used these processes. The idea is to get used to doing this sort of Contextual study and gain a better feeling for what degree level study might be.

Artists still to consider further:

Focus areas still outstanding:

  • Use different papers
  • Colour theory and application
  • Use a full range of tones
  • Be conscious of working from ‘pure’ observation, whilst also taking responsibility for your own contribution (composition, technical understanding, self-expression)
  • Structure over detail; subject over background; with balance between descriptive and stylised form.
  • Consider artistic elements more carefully: Composition, viewpoint, light source (direct and cast shadow), tonal range, texture.
  • Repeat exercises to get a better range of results

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