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In the Studio: Reflection

What have I learnt?

My tutor (Emma Drye) labelled Jackson Pollock as a “Painter’s painter”, and I think I am beginning to understand this statement. Much of this work is about the act and experience of painting. The observer is expected to understand this – at least to a degree. I was close to the point when I wrote about “Art as Materials Study,” though that is only an element of the overall meaning. Add in a dose of an artist trying to get you to spend a significant amount of time on their work, whether in appreciation or struggle. The observation of this work becomes an experience in itself, and that is beyond the encoding on meaning into the symbolism of a flower.

How might I apply this?

I don’t think I will go off producing “me too” abstract expressionist images and sculptures, any more than I am likely to jump into Surrealism. It just doesn’t strike me as “me”. I did, however, very much enjoy creating a colour swirl – as I thought the result was both pretty and engaging. I am also considering both composition and the meaning of art in a different light from here. How to balance this with my personal preference for representational art based in nature and a pinch of myth is marking the path of an interesting journey.

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