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Project 5.1: First play with print

Started by inking up the plate and adding a combination of grass, feather and a dried leaf on an acrylic plate. Applied a textured watercolour sheet and used a second roller to print.

Tried again, but using fingers rather than a roller to apply pressure. Better:

Just to keep going I removed the found objects and tried drawing of the plate. Rolled again:

Switched to plain printer paper and tried once more with the roller:

It seems I have a long way to go. The idea of rollering off ink using items before applying the actual paper to get more texture is interesting. Also, it might be productive to “ink up” the items, turn them over and use on the paper.

Paper choice will be a challenge. The paper needs to mould easily around the obstructions, or no ink will be picked up. It needs to be robust enough to survive the process though. The use watercolour paper is interesting, but provides insufficient ink pick up to do what I was hoping for.

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