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Project 5.2: A first play with photomontage

IMG_2134 - Chepstow Sunset - Green Gathering Festival #2

Rather than put in lot of time initially on drawing in order to try the process I thought I’d start with a set of images I already had available. Thus, I used some of the sketches I’d done during part 4, and a photograph of a sunset at a festival as a base image.

I tried 2 image editing programs: and Corel Painter Essentials. In both cases I used a mouse for control, rather than a tablet. In both cases I was able to paste a figure sketch into a new layer in the image and then “rub out the page background to get rid of extraneous drawing. Mouse control here was difficult, so using the tablet might make it work more efficiently. As it was, if I made a mistake and rubbed out a bit I needed I simply did an undo and started that bit again.

Both allowed the image to be repositioned after being placed. One major difference between the programmes was the ability to re-scale the image after bringing it is. This seems to be much simpler in the software, which was a surprise. I suspect I just need to work out how to do it in Paint Essentials. Where the Corel program will have the edge is the range of drawing facilities within the program. The “brush” is very limited, whereas the Corel program has a rich set of facilities. I was, however, able to drop sketches into the landscape photo and manipulate them appropriately. Not too bad a start.

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