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Test tiles

Dry Glaze

Trying a test of making a dry glaze using slip. First test of 80ml slip (in this case Pot 6 Lime Green), Frit at 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp strengths (in this base Frit 3195). The tests are left to right in “stripes” below:

The second test used  Pot 4, Autumn Brown with RM1201 Borax Frit. Here a zero-frit strength was added before the 1/4 tsp test:

On the basis of this test, the preliminary idea is that the Frit 3195 didn’t change much across the strength range. The borax frit, however. demonstrated a deeper colour and slight surface sheen in graduations with increasing frit levels. The 1 tsp strength showed some tendency to gloss surface.

Brush on Glaze

The tile was number 26, which had a coating of watered blue brushed onto it and then been bisque fired. For this test there were different levels of the High Calcium Matt glaze brushed on to a test tile surface. The glaze had no other additives from the previous tests. A single line of iron oxide suspended in water was brushed horizontally across the layers over the glaze. From left to right there was a very-watered (washed out), watered, single and double layer of the glaze. On the back no glaze was applied, but the line was added.

The different strengths of glaze had markedly different effects. The washed out glaze provided a dry glaze, but with some depth of colour improvement on the underlying slip and oxide line. As the amount of glaze increased, so did the level of sine/coating on the surface. The iron oxide line, however, was progressively washed out in turn.

Scarva slips

A set of high firing slips from Scarva Pottery, applied to green ware and then first with a single drip of the High Calcium Matt Glaze. Slip identities have been written on the backs.

A slips have matched well with the underlying clay, and survived the application of the High Calcium Matt glaze.

The red is still somewhat disappointing, but all colours are potentially versatile. With these added to the previous test tiles a good range of colour is available for use. These slips are based on Scarva’s High Firing Stains.

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