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Ruthin Petals and Claws Exhibition

This exhibition was (unfortunately its closed now) based on a Programme called “The Owl Service“, which was in turn based on the tale of Blodeuwedd from Wales. The exhibition was fully of very interesting pictures and sculpture, but it was the theme that ran through them which was of particular interest. As indicated in my last post, I found it interesting to reflect on the theme of meaning in art during the exhibition.

As an example, take the sculpture of Liz Ellis – such as “From Dark Earth Born.” This sculpture is metamorphic hybrid of woman-and-tree, which fits the theme of the exhibition well. It is very interesting to observe, with the lines of the woman and tree blending together. Another piece of display was “Blodeuwedd.” Here there is a porcelain own on a black panel, with the construction of the owl based on fine (petal-like) pieces of clay. The piece is very well made, and very interesting to observe. Much of the perceived meaning of the two pieces, however, is derived from their placement within the overall context of the exhibition. Would they have the same meaning in a different context? I don’t think so, although they would still be very interesting pieces to observe.

The exhibition was full of such pieces. The facebook page will allow you to see more if you scroll down the posts. Hopefully it will give an idea of the breadth of the exhibition. It is a touring exhibition, so if you want to see it the next stop is The Blackden Trust in Cheshire.

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