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Assessment 3: Evaluation before submission

What went well?

I think my process for applying myself to the course as an academic piece of work has improved. That took me quite a time to get used to, and has a way to go for me to really “get it.” The course isn’t just a series of drawing exercises where you follow the notes in the project, bundle it up and send it off to your tutor for assessment. That was, to a point, my approach to the first assessment. I tried to improve my approach in the second assessment in terms of how I approached the drawing but didn’t understand how to approach the actual work of presenting for assessment. I’m hoping that my approach to submitting for this assessment will be considerably better.

I had to rebuild the way I was approaching the course, as the feedback left me with a sense of “So, what now?”. Between a consideration of Art History and looking at fellow students approaches (c.f. and I started to work out how to approach the course in a new way. The fellow students blogs helped, as the narrative-based approach seemed to provide a framework for providing evidence and actually being more discerning. I started to use my sketchbook for coursework more constructively, which will hopefully help.

What could have been better?

I hope that I am now showing better understanding of Context with respect to the setting of the image. Where I am still lacking evidence of Context is the relevance and setting of this work as a contemporary art work. I have spent a significant amount of time during this assignment in trying to better understand Art History and so I am beginning to understand what a challenge this is. I am still working on meaning in Art and how to portray this, and so am aware that I am only able to covey this on a very basic level.

I lost a lot of time trying to work out how to approach the course and how to move forwards. The comments on showing evidence (“Provide evidence of research, discernment, self-evaluation and contextual study in your logbook”) took me a long while to get my head around. Part of this was a need to think/consider and part of this was a loss of motivation in general that flowed from this “So, what now?” feeling I ended up with.

I fell more into academic research and study rather than doing for a long while. I still haven’t really rebuilt my habit of sketching outside of the course work, as I was starting to before the feedback I received. I know this is likely to be one of my Assignment 3 feedback points.

2 thoughts on “Assessment 3: Evaluation before submission

  1. Your reflections seem to me to be very well organised and thorough – I hope you find that it is not just a case of doing what needs to be done for assignments, but also makes the experience of the course more rewarding overall! I agree that taking in the sweep of art history poses a significant challenge: so much to see, so much to learn…


    1. I think the answer will be that it has helped a lot, but time will tell for sure. Its taken me a lot of effort to reinvent the approach, and I’m hoping this will be a better way both for the course and my long term development. The short term cost of my putting in that effort, however, is actually I’ve done less other drawing, and less carving, as I’ve focused on other things. Hopefully the benefits will start to show through over time.

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