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Life Drawing #3

The last of my current life drawing sessions. It started out fairly badly, but I managed some improvement by the end of the session. First there were 4 one minute poses.

Next a 35 minute pose. I struggled here, as I managed to loose my way on proportions, with the legs and feet being much smaller than the rest of her body.I managed to improve this, though not totally fix it. There are a couple of side sketches, where I was trying to work out how to fix the whole.

Next were a few more one minute poses that I haven’t added. I tried switching to conte and for the next pose completed an outline I was quite happy was roughly right. I stopped there and started again. I suspect I need to do that more often.

Continuing the pose after a restart the result is better than the charcoal one but I’m still less than fully happy. The face went off track, and the tutor gave me some suggestions on how to bring it back. I struggled on the high leg as well, but there is at least some progress.

I happiest with the last of them, which is the post’s featured image. The proportions are close to acceptable, though this took a fair amount of correction as I went along. That’s fairly visible in the smudged marks on the right hand side of the drawing. This isn’t a medium that takes corrections well.

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