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Project 3.1: Evaluation and Reflection

Looking back at the image for Project 3.1 and considering the brief I set myself a set of questions to ask myself about the final image submission. I also need to consider the concepts around what worked, or otherwise, and how I might approach things differently in the future.

The Image

My start point is the final image, and my thoughts about it.

Observation and Construction:

The image comes over reasonably well overall, but there are flaws in individual elements which could be done better in the future. I’ve commented on many of these in my initial thoughts on the piece, and so won’t repeat it here. In essence I think the piece works reasonably well from an observation and construction aspect, and is a significant step forward from my previous work. In some cases I have deliberately simplified the reality of the original cupboard – which is why I think it is more of a constructed scene than true observational drawing.

My ellipses are getting better, but I’ve still a way to go here. I struggled to get some of these to work at all, as I was having difficulty with the construction process around some angles. Possibly oddly, the nearer to the horizon they were the more I struggled to construct both ellipses and boxes. Nearly, but not quite, flat was being more of an issue than I expected.

In terms of the objects looking as if they sit well on their respective surfaces I am a lot happier with the majority of the image than previous attempts. In almost all cases this is working. The main area I am dubious are the tube boxes on top of a couple cans in the top right section of the cupboard. These were on a slope in comparison to the tin below, which I’ve tried to reproduce. Unfortunately I’m concerned that they just come across as not well constructed.


I think the image meets the brief, and has a reasonable “stuffed” feeling about it. It could have been more stuffed full, but I thought there was a danger of losing the ability to read the cupboard items at all. This is true in the photographs of the actual cupboard, where it is difficult to read what many of the items are.

The invisible and construction lines have been left as requested. This means that the image has somewhat of a technical drawing feel about it. I may have been able to reduce this by going off brief a little, but I chose not to. I have some ideas for drawings I would like to do in the future based on this theme, but I will have to see if time allows.


The cupboard has been provided with a context to exist within, although I chose to “scale it down” from the reality in order to not draw attention from the cupboard subject too much. An example is the bottles below the cupboard – there were many more than this in reality. This has subtracted somewhat from the “stuffed full” feel of the image as a whole, but I hope has enhanced the cupboard’s fullness.


I think the composition as a whole works reasonably well despite the issues outlined above. I’ve also commented before on the degree to which I actually like the piece, and so won’t comment further here. My feelings on the whole haven’t changed much over time.

Colour and Tone:

The idea of using hand drawn lines in the finished piece, rather than just using a ruler to draw them, has worked to make the whole slightly less of a technical drawing piece. This has also meant that the “invisible” lines fade into the background unless you explicitly look for them – which I decided was better than enhancing them in blue as I originally intended. The variation in intensity of the hand drawn visible lines could be used to better effect if it were used more explicitly: If the nearer lines were heavier than the background lines it might enhance the feeling of depth in the image.

Reflection and Evaluation

What went well?

My understanding and rendering of linear perspective has improved significantly during this project. I hope that the results in comparison with my previous work will attest to that. I definitely believe there is significant improvement – although still a way to go.

What could have been better?

I hope that I am now showing better understanding of Context with respect to the setting of the image. I still have a way to go in terms of rendering in perspective, especially with respect to sloping and/or highly rotated items. I have a handle on it conceptually, but I need more practice and work.

What other research might I have done?

There was plenty of scope for more research of perspective and how to approach it, as well as practical experimentation and application. I honestly think I could spend a year on this one exercise and still not have an end result that I was truly satisfied with. In the end, however, I need to move on and accept a level of imperfection to be improved in the future. Otherwise I’ll never manage to submit. I also feel that to submit a piece I really liked I would have to stray quite a way off-brief.

Suitability for submission

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills

I think my knowledge of linear perspective has improved significantly, and this is demonstrated in the piece. Still a way to go. My awareness of, and drawing of, circles in perspective has also improved significantly – which the piece demonstrates. I’ve put some more effort into composition and experimenting with materials and approaches for the piece, though the final submission doesn’t really show evidence of this I hope the learning log will.

Quality of Outcome

I have mixed feelings here. Although I think the piece shows a significant improvement in quality of outcome, there is still a way to go. This includes a need to work further on ellipses and building more of a “feel” for perspective – rather than having to formally construct everything. Hopefully I am starting to show some evidence of discernment et al in the way that I am approaching both the work and presentation of outcome.

Demonstration of Creativity

The learning log may evidence this to a degree, but the feel the submitted piece only provides minor evidence of creativity. I played relatively safely into the brief, rather than heading out on a limb. I think getting this far from where I was, however, does evidence some level of creativity.


I’m beginning to at least understand how this concept might fit into the course, but I feel it is an area ripe for improvement. Baby steps only here I fear.

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