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Project 3.2 Brief


The key points from the Project 3.2 brief are:

  • Several Organic objects should be arranged on a surface
  • Need to achieve an accurate depiction of the three-dimensional forms
  • The whole must be well described using line and tone
  • The drawing needs to be interesting, especially with respect to mark making
  • The surface they are on should be included and interesting
  • Mark making should be inventive and bold rather than timid
  • Weight of line should be varied, and part of the representation of the form
  • Need to take into consideration light, shadows, ground, and the spaces between and around the objects.
  • The objects should relate to one another within the space of the page
  • Non-organic objects aren’t mentioned, so including them or otherwise is presumably acceptable.
  • There is no specification for what should be making the marks, so presumably charcoal, pastels, pencil are all acceptable. Colour or greyscale is presumably also acceptable.
  • Previous work is mentioned in the brief, and so a “believable sense of structure and form” using perspective as the tool is still important.
  • As for Project 3.1 an A3 drawing is required, as it is mentioned explicitly in the assignment text.


The still life research from Project 3.1 is still relevant, and so I won’t repeat that here. In addition to that I thought it worthwhile looking for example of drawings and drawing approaches for organic items – initially fruit and vegetables came to mind, but clearly other organic things could fit the brief as well. As the brief is to draw several organic items then animals and plants might be challenging to make work.

Evaluation Questions

Questions I’ll be asking myself about the work:

Observation and Construction:

  • Does the image read as accurate and believable?
  • Do the objects seem sufficiently solid, and look to be the shape they actually are?
  • Do the different of the objects seem to be well constructed with a convincing form?
  • Do the different objects seem to “sit” on their respective support well?
  • Are the forms well described, accurate and believable?
  • Is the perspective use effective and believable?
  • Does the image portray light, shadows, ground, and the spaces between and around the objects well?


  • Does it meet the brief?
  • Is detail necessary and sufficient?
  • Is the whole interesting, especially with respect to mark making?


  • Does the whole have a setting?
  • Are the objects complimented by the setting?
  • Is the surface the objects are on interesting?
  • Are the different surfaces well textured with only necessary detail?


  • Do I actually like it?
  • Is it an interesting picture?
  • Do the forms relate to each other and the page well?
  • Is the space between the forms interesting?

Colour and Tone:

  • Is there a range of mark styles to make the image interesting?
  • Is weight of mark making varied in a way that supports the whole?
  • Does mark marking seem bold and inventive?
  • Is the whole image well described using line and tone?
  • Does the image have a believable sense of structure and form?

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