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Assignment 2 On its way

With great trepidation Assignment 2 is on it way. For the record the following is the covering letter that went with it:

25th November 2016

Dear Richard,

As requested in your guidance I have substantially reduced the volume of work I’ve provided for assessment, and have (hopefully) submitted it in the format you needed this time. Please let me know if it is acceptable this time in your feedback.

The following summarises the Assignment 2 submission:

  1. Learning Log – The blog is here: I haven’t included printouts, as this was the source of much of the volume of written material I sent last time.
  2. Sketchbook– I have included one A5 sketchbook, which has been the main one I have been carrying on a day-to-day basis since the last submission. I have also enclosed a couple of sample A2 pieces on different papers which show my experimentation with larger formats and different papers. As you surmised in your feedback for Assignment 1, this is part of a process of discovery and I’m hoping to spend further time on this. Thank you for the comments on other artists sketchbooks. This was useful, and I am starting to widen my approach to them.
  3. Project 2.1, Tonal Variation, p 47 – This has been completed in A4 format, and is included in 4 double-sided pockets tied together. I have left them in this form because the fixative I used was ineffective and so removing them from the sleeves causes further smudges.
  4. Project 2.2, Circle to Ball, p 51 – This has been completed in A4 format again, as this was completed before I received your feedback from Assignment 1. At the time of creating these I was happy with them, but have become less so since completing the other work.
  5. Project 2.2, Observing Light and Shadow, p 51 – I have included two images for this project. The first is an early practice piece where I started with a mug and coffee filter on a stool. The second is the final piece for the project, which I am much happier with. There were a few steps between these two pieces, and a commentary about them is available in my online learning log.
  6. Project 2.2, Spoon, p 52 – I have included 2 images again. The first is my practice attempt, which had many problems. The second image is my last piece in the work for the project, with many of the issues resolved. Again, there are some notes on the journey between the two images within my online learning log.

Thank you for all your work on my first Assignment. This is the first time I’ve been involved in formal art-based education and so I have faced a somewhat challenging shift of approach. The feedback and suggestions you provided have helped my progress. There is, however, a way to go. I have, for example, started some of your suggested reading but am far from completing it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

David Howard, 515893

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