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Assignment 1 Feedback Action

There is so much in the feedback I received from my tutor I’ve started to turn it in to a slightly simpler list of “things to do”:

  1. Practice form, especially the fundamental forms – Cube, Sphere, Cylinder and Cone.Then look at structure of subjects in terms of these forms.
  2. Ask questions about my drawings try to improve them
  3. Bigger work – A3, A2
  4. Use different papers, ideally going back to some of the warm up exercises but definitely moving forwards.
  5. Sending in work: Correct format, Reduced volume, and especially a lot less writing
  6. Needs a better balance between descriptive and stylised drawing. Leave detail until later in the process
  7. Evaluate other artists work in support of improving my own: Concept-Construction-Composition-Context-Colour
  8. Add context (a table etc.) to help with form. (Negative space, proportion and viewpoint)
  9. Quite a bit of reading to do: Other artists and Sketchbooks, plus art theory books.
  10. Think more about viewpoint
  11. Improve tonal range
  12. Ask questions about light source, immediate and cast
  13. Build evidence of research, discernment, self-evaluation and contextual study

Not yet a complete list, but a start to be getting on with. I’ve started by practising Project 2.2 “2 objects”on A3 paper as a sketch. I’ve been looking at artists sketchbooks on the Internet and have ordered some in physical book form.

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