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Artist: Lisa Laughy, Ninth Wave Designs

OK, if part of the drawing course is looking at drawings I like and reflecting on them let’s get started. One artist I’ve admired for quite a while is the owner of “Ninth Wave Designs“: Lisa Laughy.

This is an excellent example of her work:

Tripple Raven

Triple Raven, Lisa Laughy. URL Viewed 2nd June 2016.


This original design is inspired by the Morrigán – the Irish goddess of war. She possessed the power to shape-shift into a raven, and her appearance on the battlefield signified death to the warrior. In Celtic mythology ravens also have the power of prophecy, often foretelling the outcome of a battle or a warrior’s death.”

Triple Raven print description, URL Viewed 2nd June 2016

Visual Analysis

The work is based in grey, blue and purple shades with an orange/brown highlight. The main image is 3 Ravens entwined in a spiral, with Celtic knot work in both the main image and around the border. The border then has further raven images, again in Celtic knot work style. The image is visually complex and yet simple in its basic form and structure – as is often the case with Celtic art of this form.

Process and Production

In terms of form, the image is available in many forms from the artist’s distribution channels. Based on the picture here:

Bio of Lisa Laughy, including a picture of her working, URL Viewed 2nd June 2016

It seems she works on large format paper with drawing and paint, copies the images and then reproduces them electronically. The following is an interview with her:

Interview with Lisa Laughy, URL Viewed 2nd June 2016

… and some additional detail on her “About page“.

Personal Reflection

Celtic knot work has inspired me for quite a while, both in terms of the simple intricacy and the historic context. A recent exhibition of Celtic work at the British Museum was inspiring – as is much of the Celtic work as standing exhibits in the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum.It is good to see artists continuing this particular tradition, and I have tried to join them more than once.

The Raven is also of strong interest as a subject, with its many cultural links. Of course, watching the birds playing in the air around the Lake District is probably my strongest connection with them. Again, I have used the Raven in my own work more than once.



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